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ERA Family, SEMARANG Barat, Indonesia ERA Maestro, Bandung - Sukasari, Indonesia Century21 Metropolis, Pulo Gadung, Indonesia

Properti Terbaru

Apartemen / Kondo / Flat Dijual di Tanjung Duren

jual apt medit 1
Rp 800.000.000
Tanjung Duren, Jakarta Barat
apt medit 1

bedroom 1       bathroom 1

Apartemen / Kondo / Flat Dijual di Tanjung Duren

jual apt medit 1
Rp 800.000.000
Tanjung Duren, Jakarta Barat
apt medit 1

bedroom 1       bathroom 1

Rumah Dijual di Puri Indah

dijual rumah minimalis di puri indah blok a TEST
Puri Indah, Jakarta Barat
puri indah blok a

bedroom 3       bathroom 2

Rumah Dijual di Kebayoran Lama

rumah kebayoran lama 160 m2 jl toapekong dijual harry
Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan

bedroom 3       bathroom 3

Ruko Dijual di Kalideres

Rp 2.350.000.000
Kalideres, Jakarta Barat

bedroom 0       bathroom 4

Analisa Makro

Economic Steroids

For the next year or two, it looks like the economic steroid may still be needed, especially in the face of slowdown in other major economies, not an advantageous environment for the US economy to restore its strength. 

Overvalued AUD

It started in a major way when BHP Billiton announced the decline of their annual profit by about a third followed by postponement of major resources projects to the tune of $30 billion. 

Charisma of Credit Rating Agencies

They could still repair their reputation by quickly getting back on their radars and really place appropriate ratings on various securities and prove to the market that they could to a large extent anticipate significant events. 

Menghitung Cicilan Bulanan

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Artikel Dunia Terbaru

Swiss Watches Unworn as China Tackles Graft: Chart of the Day

China’s love affair with glitzy Swiss timepieces is ending, as President Xi Jinping’s campaign against corruption makes targets of wearers.

Chinese Women Aren’t Taking Buffett’s Advice on Gold

On Sunday afternoon, a microblogger in Beijing logged into Sina Weibo, China’s leading social media platform, to gossip about the “auntie” next door. It’s a broad term of respect for an older woman, and his followers understood precisely what he meant when he tweeted, “The auntie next door used all of her retirement savings to buy gold. When asked what she’d do if prices keep dropping, she replied that if everyone kept buying gold, the price wouldn’t drop...”

Billion dollar Soros bet right on the money

In what must be one of the greatest currency bets on the Australian dollar, George Soros is rumoured to have gambled around $1 billion dollars on a Reserve Bank rate cut sending the local currency lower.


Giggle The Fun Factory, Jakarta
Sebagai taman bermain air indoor pertama di Indonesia, Giggle The Fun Factory memberikan kegembiraan dan beragam aktivitas me-nyenangkan bagi anak-anak berus...

Kuliner Nusantara

Resep Wajik Durian – Aceh

• 400 gram ketan putih, rendam selama 2 jam
• 3 lembar daun pandan, simpul
• 250 ml santan cair (untuk memasak ketan)
• 400 gram gula merah, iris


 Bahan Kulit Jalangkote :
• Tepung terigu protein sedang, 200 gram
• Telur ayam, 1 butir
• Santan, 60 ml
• Garam, 1/2 sendok teh
• Minyak goreng, 750 ml

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